Structure Repair

Step 1: Contact Us

The process of elevating your home begins with a phone call to Structural Solutions of NJ. We will guide you step by step through the entire process and will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

Structure Repair

Step 2: Preparing Your Home

The Structural Solutions of NJ team arrives as scheduled to prepare your home for elevation. From doing any necessary excavation to strategically placing steel and oak cribbing under your home, this step leaves your home ready to be raised.

Structure Repair

Step 3: Raising Your Home

Our experienced house lifting team raises your home using steel beams, oak cribbing and our state of the art unified jacking system. Caution and safety are our number one priority so you can rest assured your home is in good hands.

Structure Repair

Step 4: Rebuild Your Foundation

If you have chosen to use our mason, he will expertly install your new foundation or support system according to architectural plans to ensure a solid base for your newly elevated home.

Structure Repair

Step 5: Attach to New Foundation

Finally, your home is lowered and attached to its new foundation. New staircases are erected and any necessary construction and landscaping is completed. You may return to your home knowing you are safer from future storms and compliant with NJ regulations.

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